The Next Wave 2015: The Up-and-Coming Comics of New Orleans

The best of the rest of the South.

Welcome to the first annual edition of The Next Wave, Massive Fraud’s roundup of exciting new comic voices from around the country, specifically New Orleans.

Though Los Angeles and New York City are home to the country’s biggest comedy industries, they aren’t the only cities with thriving comedy scenes. In recent years especially — thanks to the rising popularity of locally-focused festivals, and of course, the internet — the following city has become a destination for new comics looking to grow, and for bookers and agents looking to discover emerging talent. Here is one up and coming must follow city, and the comics who are on their way to becoming The Next Wave.

We reached out to some of the most informed comedy bookers, festival producers, journalists, and industry insiders from comedy’s biggest scenes, and asked them to share their current favorite up-and-comers with us.


10. Andrew Polk (@polksalad)

Polk6Andrew Polk has been featured in The Guardian and Savage Henry Magazine, has toured as a feature for Todd Barry, and was hand-picked by Louis C.K. to open for his two sold-out shows at the Joy Theater in New Orleans. He has threatened to “do karate” to people at a karaoke bar and most recently slut shamed a waitress at Steak ‘n Shake.

9. Joe Cardosi (@endlessjoe)


Joe Cardosi has performed at Crom Fest in Omaha, The Comedy Exposition of 2014 in Chicago, The Orlando Indie Comedy Festival, The Memphis Comedy Festival, and Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans. Joe was personally selected by Louis CK to open for him at The Joy Theater in New Orleans, and has also opened for Doug Stanhope. His most recent thinkpiece, “I SWEAR TO GOD I’M GOING TO KILL MYSELF IF YOUR SHAKE MACHINE ISN’T WORKING TODAY” caused a stir at the area Arby’s, and he is on several national watch lists.

8. Andrew Polk (@polksalad)


Andrew has been a featured guest on the Nerdist podcast Terrified! with Dave Ross, where he upset Dave greatly by saying his voice sounded like “If the guy from The National smoked a pack a day and was also gay.”

7. Joe Cardosi (@endlessjoe)

Joe2Joe was recently profiled in an article for Savage Henry Magazine, wherein he discussed the “advantages” of juvenile diabetes and called the interviewer a “craven swine” and “puppet of the shadow government.”

6. Andrew Polk (@polksalad)


A native from Ruston, Louisiana, Andrew Polk moved to New Orleans in 2011 in order to escape child support payments, because, as he puts it “why would a blind child need to learn how to read? He’s fine.”

5. Joe Cardosi (@endlessjoe)


“Cardosi brings a frenetic, intensely literate anger to subjects like racism in his south Louisiana hometown and the hand-waving desire to Keep Austin Weird” – Cate Root,

“Joe Cardosi doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. I hope he drowns in his own lungs, alone and terrified” – Cate Root,

4. Andrew Polk (@polksalad)

Polk3Andrew Polk has made a name for himself in the burgeoning New Orleans comedy scene by running the shows Comedy Beast, NOLA Comedy Hour, and The Budd Dwyer Suicide Hour, in which his least favorite comics are booked and given a gun, a single bullet…and a choice to make.

3. Joe Cardosi (@endlessjoe)


As half of Massive Fraud, Joe produces the consistently sold-out KARATEFIGHT and the multi-media anything goes open mic, Culture Vulture. He produces a puppet show in an abandoned Toyota Tercel on the outskirts of town that he calls his “Dream Factory”, and no one is allowed to attend. He always comes back with filthy fingernails, screaming.

2. Andrew Polk (@polksalad)


Controversial comedian Andrew Polk has received regional acclaim, getting pegged to feature for Hannibal Buress in front of 1700 fans at the Ryman Auditorium at Tulane, mere nights after getting physically removed from an open mic, after throwing his shoes at local improv comedian Geoff Gauchet, claiming he was “behind Isis.”

1. Massive Fraud (@massivefraud)


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